My pictures and text from Varanasi on the Immersions website

This spring I had the chance to visit Varanasi in India. It’s a fascinating city on the banks of the Ganges. I spent two weeks there, walking along the Ghats and watching the everyday life happening around, on and in the Ganges.

A selection of my pictures from the trip accompanied by some words was published on the website of the Swiss magazine Immersions and you can see them at The text is in French but the pictures should be universal (if I did my job right 🙂 )

I was very happy to hear that the Immersions team was interested in my pictures because their magazine is great, you should definitively check it out!

My trip to Nepal in 2014

Wrap up of my trip to Nepal in 2014. Here it is finally! The blog post I promised would be coming a long time ago about my trip to Nepal is finally done.

I travelled to Nepal for work and was lucky enough to have enough spare time to combine my stay with a photography workshop from Within The Frame, time to visit the south of Nepal and trek Langtang. Continue reading “My trip to Nepal in 2014”