Must see North Iceland

This is the sixth blog post about my Iceland trip In this post, I’ll write about the places I think that you must see in Northern Iceland. Check my other post for Reykjavík and Western Iceland, and the eastern part of the Westfjords and the north and the south of the Westfjords. As usual, I’ll probably miss some great places so let me know in the comments!

After my round trip of the Westfjords, I joined the other tourists on the ring road. There were a lot more tourists, but as it was early Septembre, it was ok. The weather in this region was however quite terrible, I had planned to hike a couple of times, but the rain was pouring down so much that I had to cut back the hikes to very short ones between getting dry and warm again in the car.

My first overnight stop was at Grettislaug which is a great camping ground with a hot pool and a view over the island of Drangey.

Must see - Grettislaug camp ground and hot pool Continue reading “Must see North Iceland”