Must see Reykjavík and Western Iceland – Iceland Photography trip

In this third blog post about my Iceland trip, I will list the places I liked most and that I think you must see while you are in Iceland. In this post, I will concentrate on Reykjavík and Western Iceland because there is a lot to see. I’ll probably miss some great places so if I missed your favourite place, let me know in the comments!

Must see in Reykjavík

A capital city where rush hour is like an off hour in any other town (and I’m from Switzerland where there isn’t that much traffic).
Reykjavík isn’t big and very laid back, you can explore the town centre in a couple of hours. I participated in an excellent walking tour from iHeartReykjavik which took two hours and our guide managed to tell us a lot about the city without it feeling too “stuffy”. She also showed us some of the hidden gems the city has to offer, and she brought us to the amazing street art that is all over the city. Continue reading “Must see Reykjavík and Western Iceland – Iceland Photography trip”

Packing list – Iceland Photography trip

This is the second post about my trip to Iceland, it’s a packing list of the essentials you should make sure to take with you. You can find the first post about what you should know before going here. A third post about what not to miss is still in the works.

Packing list for a photo trip to Iceland

I’m not going to list everything, but just the essentials you might forget or the things that are specific for Iceland makes.


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Iceland Photography trip – What to know before going

I travelled to Iceland last August for a solo photography trip, and this is the first of a series of blog posts about what you should know when planning a trip to Iceland.
The second blog post will concentrate more on what to take and what you can safely leave at home.  The other posts will be about the must-see and must-dos while in Iceland.

Summer (July – September) is the main tourist season in Iceland, and last year a lot of tourists were there at the same time as me. Luckily most of the tourist stay on or close to the “Ring Road” but be prepared to get up very early or have a lot of people in your pictures. Continue reading “Iceland Photography trip – What to know before going”