Easy product photography with the Foldio lightbox

I don’t usually do product photography but when a family member asked if I could photograph some of her keepsakes I said yes. She was well-travelled in her time and brought back items from her various trips all over the world. As I didn’t have any lightbox, I started looking into an uncomplicated setup that wasn’t too complicated to carry around and not too expensive.

(btw, this is not a promoted or paid post and I payed for all the gear myself)

My first foray into product photography

That’s how I found the Foldio 3 by orangemonkie; I had already come across them previously when they kickstarted the first Foldio but wasn’t in the market then but their system stuck in my mind. Recently they released the Foldio 3, a bigger version of their “portable studio” lightbox and the “Halo-bars”, two extra lights that you can place and dim individually.


The Foldio is quite easy to carry as it folds down into a flat box, easy to set up. The new model includes 3 led strips in the top of the box which are very bright and easily dimmable. The different parts quickly connect to each other with magnets, and the background (there is a white one and a black one included) attach to the box with velcro.

Once it’s set-up, it and everything is turned on it looks something like this.

easy product photography with the foldio 3 from orangemonkie - Set up

After fiddling with my camera settings, I was ready to start taking pictures. All in all the set up didn’t take more than 10 minutes.

The results

The pictures I got might not be perfect, but for my first try at product photography, I’m quite happy with them and with the ease of use of the Foldio. For postprocessing, I wonder if I should blow out the background completely (as in picture 2) or leave it in a bit. If you have any tips let me know.

Here are some of the resulting images: each object has an interesting story about how my relative and her husband found them. Now, some of those anecdotes and the pictures will be made into a little booklet of memories, giving the objects and the memories a new life.


easy product photography with the foldio 3 from orangemonkie - results easy product photography with the foldio 3 from orangemonkie - results easy product photography with the foldio 3 from orangemonkie - results


Let me know if you have any tips in case I’m asked again to do some product photography. Or let me know if you have any questions that I might not have answered about the setup or camera settings.

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